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Keeping the requirements of our customers our top priority, we at FOUND DAT strive to provide excellent products that earn your satisfaction. All our products are offered with a reasonable cost without compromising the quality. All this is secured while being kind to the environment as our products are 100% environment friendly. We understand your needs when it comes to daily essentials and hence, we bring to you products of the finest quality that let your day to day running become a breeze.
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TISSUE Box Cover _ Farmhouse decor _ Kitchen Decor _ Bathroom decor _ Custom Powder Coated Stainless Steel - NO Stickers _ Black or Cream


Kitchen Towels

FOUND DAT Kitchen tissue rolls are made from 100% natural virgin paper. They are soft to touch and highly absorbent. This pack of 2-ply kitchen rolls comes with 60 sheets per roll. They are excellent for storing food and can be used to line containers to sustain freshness. They can also be used to absorb excess oil from food products.

Toilet Rolls

FOUND DAT Toilet rolls are made from 100% natural virgin papers. These toilet paper rolls are soft and absorb water quickly. They also get flushed with ease. This pack of 10 rolls comes in 3 ply with 160 sheets per roll. They are strong and provide an effective clean. Being of the standard size, the rolls easily fit toilet paper holders without the need for other attachments. They are free from optical brightening agents (OBAs),dyes or fragrances that can cause skin irritation and hence, are suitable for all skin types. An absolutely safe and hygienic choice.

Garbage Bags

FOUND DAT Garbage Bags are perfect for every kitchen. They are efficient at retaining cleanliness and are a very cost-effective way of garbage disposal. These black garbage packaging bags are 100% disposable and are not only a great tool to maintain a clean and green India but also reduces further damage to the environment. This is consummated because these bags are made with expert craftsmanship and advanced technology. Being lightweight and flexible, these can be easily used in various surroundings like offices, restaurants, hotels and most definitely, households.

Face Tissue

FOUND DAT’s Facial Tissues assures quick cleanliness as they are absolutely handy. Tackling liquid spills swiftly or a quick hand/face clean is just one easy pully away. These tissues are made from virgin papar and are utterly soft to touch. You can keep it anywhere which allows easy access like offices desks and tables, in restaurants, cars and of course at home.

Rubber Hand Gloves

Maintaining cleanliness isn’t an easy task. But FOUND DAT’s Rubber Hand Gloves come to the rescue. They help keep everything clean while ensuring safety onto your hands. Some reasons why it is advised to use Rubber Gloves while cleaning:

  • Limits the spread of infection.
  • Cuts contact with harmful chemicals (present in cleaning solutions) that can burn or irritate your skin
  • Keeps your hands from drying out.
  • Allows having a better grip.
  • Protection from sharp objects.

The thickness and the long cuffs of FOUND DAT’s Hand Gloves allow your hands to stay protected amidst general cleaning tasks from vacuuming to polishing.

You can also use these gloves for bathing pets, washing cars, maintaining machinery, cleaning toilets and bathrooms etc.

Reasons to wear rubber gloves:
Limit the spread of infection.
Chemicals can burn or irritate your skin
Your hands won’t dry out.
You’ll have better grip.
Protection from sharps.
Clean your home and protect your hands from strong chemicals and cleaning solutions.
Also use for Pet Bathing Gloves, Car Washing, Machine Maintenance, Cleaning Toilets and Bathrooms.